Sansa Airlines Flight from San Jose to Palmar Sur - El Castillo

 Sansa Airlines Flight from San Jose to Palmar Sur - El Castillo
USD $134.00
  • Duration: 45 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Palmar Sur

The rates subject to change

Change of Dates

  • Changes on
    itinerary are allowed 48 hours before departure time and there is a fee
    of $15 per change made, the new departure date must not be 6 months
    after the original date.
  • If the reservation is made within 48
    hours before departure time, the itinerary cannot be changed. Penalty
    for no show is 100% of all applicable fares, taxes and surcharges.

BaggageBaggage Allowance

(flights operated on Cessna Grand Caravan): 1 piece with maximum weight
of 30 lbs. /14 kgs and up to 45 linear inches / 114 cm. (length +
height + width).

Carry-On Baggage
You are permitted to carry one piece with a maximum weight of 10 lbs/4.5 Kg. 20 linear inches/ 50 cm (length + height + width).In addition, each passenger may take one of the following items into the cabin under their own care and at no additional cost:
  • Ladies purse/handbag.
  • Books.
  • Items to be consumed by infants during the trip.
  • Coat or Blanket.
  • Camera or binoculars.
  • Laptop.
  • In case of limited space in the cabin, you may be required to check your luggage.

Excess Baggage Charge

Anything exceeding the free
baggage allowance is considered as excess baggage and can only be
transported by paying an additional fee for it. Overweight and
additional baggage is transported subject to available space on the
plane. Additional charge applies per pound: $1.00 USD.

Sports Equipment

can check sport equipment as part of your free baggage allowance, if
you check it as an extra piece (in addition to your free baggage
allowance), oversize or overweight charges may apply, as well as subject
to space availability. One of the following sports equipment is
permitted per passenger with a $30 charge each way:

Fishing: 2 fishing rods, 1 pair of boots, 1 net.
Golf: 1 golf club bag (up to 62 inches) with up to 14 clubs, 12 golf balls and 1 pair of golf shoes packed in the bag.
Diving: 1 air regulator, 1 pair of rubber fins, 1 conventional harpoon, 1 diving mask, 1 wet suit and 1 weight belt.
Archery: 1 bow plus arrows, packed in a bag designed for this purpose.
Ski: 2 poles, 1pair of skis, boots and shoes.
We do accept 1 bike in a proper protective bag; all bikes are subject
to space and weight availability, wheels must be de-inflated for


Dimensions Maximum length 6.7 pies/2 mts.
Amounts 1 surfboard per passenger, per flight.
Charges $30 USD per way, per surfboard.
Handle The surfboards are not part of the baggage allowance and are considered subject to space.x|x|

Useful tips to pack your surfboardsFins must be removed.
  • Neither clothing nor any other articles are permitted inside the surfboard bags.
  • Damaged packaging and/or packaging not resistant to normal handling are not accepted.
  • Damaged surfboards are not accepted either.

You may not transport as part of your baggage:
  • Windsurfing boards.
  • Kayaks
  • Surfboards exceeding 7ft/2.1mts in length.
  • Diving tanks.

Tips for Packing
  • Pack any and all valuable articles (money, jewelry, electronic devices, etc.) in your carry-on baggage.
  • Identify
    your baggage with the free baggage tags available at our check-in
    counters. Be sure to include your name, address and a telephone number
    where you can be located if necessary.
  • Avoid excess baggage charges by complying with weight and size requirements.
  • Present
    any damaged baggage claims before leaving the airport. Please note that
    SANSA is not responsible for minor damages (such as scratches, dents,
    lost wheels, etc.), caused by normal handling or overstuffed bags.
  • Do not transport perishable goods.
  • Claim your baggage by the tag number and not just for their appearance.

Cancelations & Refunds

  • Tickets are issued in the name of a specific person and are not transferable, not endorsable and non-refundable.
  • The carrier may check the identity of the passenger at any given time.
  • The
    rules and limitations regarding liability are set by the law of the
    Civil Aviation Authority of Costa Rica. The Company reserves the right
    to cancel or postpone a journey free of liability on its part, when it
    must attend preferential obligations, such as the transfer of sick or
    injured persons, due to bad weather, or for any other cause for which it
    deems the suspension necessary, for passenger safety or to protect the
    Company ’s interests. As a consequence, the Company does not assume the
    inevitable obligation of transporting the passenger on the precise day
    indicated on this ticket for the trip or for a specified flight.
    Furthermore, it reserves the right of not accepting passengers that
    arrive for the flight in abnormal circumstances that may place the
    security of the remainder passengers at risk, or that may cause them any
    type of nuisance.
*All rates are subjected to taxes.